FAQ – Edie 1965

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Who is Edie?

Edie is my 4 pound chihuahua living her fabulous life in New York City. She is named after Edie Sedgwick, a socialite and model who was one of Andy Warhol's muses in the 1960s. She was declared the "It" girl of New York in 1965 (hence our name!) 

Edie the chihuahua enjoys walks through Central Park, being carried in her bag when it's too cold (or she's being a diva), stealing my pad thai, and barking at the delivery man. She rides the subway frequently, attends chihuahua play groups, flies with me several times a year, and is very good at posing for pictures. I frequently refer to her as the most spoiled dog in New York because she typically is laying on at least 3 human sized blankets.