Who is Edie the Chihuahua? – Edie 1965

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Who is Edie the Chihuahua?

Hello friends and fellow dog lovers! I am Nikki, the owner and founder of Edie 1965. I have worked in the fashion industry in New York since 2011 and have had my chihuahua Edie since 2012. Let's be honest, she is much more interesting than me. We live in Manhattan and she relishes in the attention she receives when we walk down the street. She LOVES people and sometimes I think what I assumed was an instant connection when I found her, was just her treating me the same as everyone else. She is amazingly sweet and friendly to EVERYONE she meets (except children who try to grab her skin, but even in that situation she calmly places her paw on their hand and pushes it away, she does not bite). 

Edie is the ultimate city dog. She was my first dog EVER and I had no idea that dogs did not automatically know how to walk on a leash, I guess I assumed they exited the womb and knew exactly what to do. Edie was a 4 month old 2.5 pound puppy when I put her harness on, attached the leash and strutted off to Central Park to live my dream of walking my chihuahua in the famous New York landmark. I picked her up out of her bag and placed her on the ground ready to walk the park....and she did not move a muscle. Feet firmly placed on the ground, I gently pulled on her leash hoping we could enjoy our beautiful walk on an October afternoon. 

"Oh...." I thought, "I guess I need to train her to walk on a leash?"

I believe at one point a golden retriever walked by and she followed him, copying his movements. I stated to the owner that she was a puppy and did not know how to walk on a leash, and he said that walking with an older dog sometimes helps. We followed them briefly before Edie got bored and stopped walking. That day in the park mostly consisted of my carrying her or putting her in the tote bag I had with me. 

Edie did get better at walking on a leash, but for a while I declared that she was a huge snob because she would ONLY walk properly on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue (for those of you not in New York, these are very fancy streets with a price tag to match). 

The years have passed, and Edie is a very good walker now (except when it is cold out). She enjoys walking through Central Park, along the Hudson River, and still enjoys walking up Park and Fifth Avenue. However, some things never change and she is still a little bit of a snob. She likes a controlled environment so she prefers to walk inside shops. Luckily New York is very dog friendly so she frequents the Shops at Columbus Circle, Bloomingdales, CB2, Crate & Barrel, HomeGoods, and The Trader Joe's Wine Shop. 

Her favorite activities include sleeping (obviously), laying in the sunshine, being carried in her tote bag around town, and shopping. Her favorite foods include Grandma Lucy's dog food, cucumber, feta cheese, boiled chicken, bacon, ham, and broccoli. Her favorite toys include her Aromadog Fleece Bear, her Pup-Peroni plush pizza, and her Dog Perignonn Champagne Bottle plush toy. To look as fashionable as possible at all times, she enjoys wearing her Aspen Hoodie, her Cheerful Coral Argyle sweater, her unique Pisac Poncho, and her Curly Knit Jumper

Edie is a tiny dog with a BIG personality. She truly is special and makes an impression on everyone she meets. I only wish that everyone was lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting her!