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The Importance of a High Quality Dog Food


**Disclaimer: I am not a vet and I don't claim to be. All dogs are different and may require different foods for specific health issues. Everyone should do what works best for them and their dog, but I encourage everyone to do their research on pet food. I also recommend watching the Netflix Documentary "Pet Fooled"

One of the many things that I am passionate about when it comes to my 4 pound chihuahua Edie, is that she NEEDS A HIGH QUALITY FOOD! I will not feed her standard kibble EVER. It is a shame that most people are not educated on where their dog's food comes from and how low quality most of the food from mainstream pet food actually is. I always feel sad when I know someone who genuinely loves and cares for their dog, yet they are not educated on what they are putting in their dog's bodies. The way I view most kibble dog foods, is that they are glorified cereal (only worse). If we ate cereal every single day, for every single meal, we would survive- but we would not be getting proper nutrients and would be living off fillers. 

Most dog kibble is made from corn, meat byproducts, and awful things your dog should not be eating. 

According to Dog Food Advisor, these are some of the WORST foods you can be feeding your dog:

-Pedigree Dog Food

-Purina Dog Chow

-Hill's Science Diet

-Cesar Dog Food

 These are just a few familiar names that are actually terrible for your dog. Their first ingredients are corn, bone meal, and meat by-products. This is NOT GOOD. The first ingredients listed is what is most prominent in the food, and these ingredients are not healthy for your dog. The best foods contain real meat and food, not by-products and corn. See the bottom of the page for a detailed comparison of the ingredients in a low quality food, vs a high quality food.


By contrast, the first ingredients of a high quality food contain the following: beef hearts, USDA chicken, organic kale, and celery. 

A few of my favorites:


-Stella & Chewy

-Grandma Lucy's

-Smallbatch Dog Food

These are just the few brands that I have tried and trust the quality, there are many other dog foods out there that are very healthy. I've also tried several other great high quality brands that for one reason or another just didn't work for Edie. A few things that I like to look for when looking for a high quality dog food is that they are human grade, they are sourced mostly from the United States, they are grain free, and their first ingredients are MEAT. This is what you want to look for. You wouldn't feed yourself processed food containing fillers for every meal of your entire life, so why would you feed that to your dog? Don't trust what everyone tells you, do your own research and make sure you are educated on what is going into your dog's body. Your best friend relies on you to take care of them and have their best interest at heart, so don't take that responsibility lightly. 

These are the ingredients listed in Pedigree:

Ingredients: Ground whole grain cornmeat and bone meal (source of calcium), corn gluten mealanimal fat (source of omega 6 [preserved with BHA & citric acid]), soybean meal, natural flavor, chicken by-product mealdried plain beet pulpground whole grain wheat, salt, potassium chloride, brewers rice, choline chloride, dried peas, calcium carbonate, zinc sulfate, dl-methionine, vitamin E supplement, niacin [vitamin B3], biotin, dried carrots, l-tryptophan, BHA & citric acid (a preservative), blue 2yellow 5yellow 6, d-calcium pantothenate [source of vitamin B5], riboflavin supplement [vitamin B2], red 40, pyridoxine hydrochloride [vitamin B6], copper sulfate, sodium selenite, potassium iodide, vitamin A supplement, thiamine mononitrate [vitamin B1], vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid

These are the ingredients listed in Primal Raw Beef recipe:

Ingredients: Beef hearts, beef livers, ground beef bones, organic kale, organic carrots, organic squash, organic broccoli, organic apples, organic cranberries, organic blueberries, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds, montmorillonite clay, organic parsley, organic apple cider vinegar, salmon oil, organic coconut oil, organic quinoa sprout powder, dried organic kelp, organic ground alfalfa, organic rosemary extract, vitamin E supplement


The difference in quality between these two foods is very clear. The low quality food lists corn, salt, wheat, soybean meal, and by-products. The high quality food lists real meat, bones (dogs actually do need to eat bones), vegetables, and vitamins. Which one would you eat if the choice was up to you? 


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