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7 Signs You are too Obsessed with your Dog

Who ISN'T obsessed with their dog?! Frankly, if you don't seem crazily obsessed with your dog, then I don't really understand you at all. I live and breathe for my chihuahua, Edie, and I would not have it any other way. I once asked a friend, "do guys ever seem weirded out when you mention your dog on a date?" and they said, "hmmm, I'm not sure I've ever mentioned my dog on a first date." I could not relate. I will probably (definitely) bring up Edie within at LEAST 30 minutes of meeting someone. And if that is wrong, then I don't want to be right. 

Edie rocking her Pisac Poncho


1. Your dog is your phone background

I mean, if you have a dog and they're not your phone background, do you even have a dog? Every now and then I will change my background to a recent vacation destination, and I immediately miss seeing Edie's face. Then she is back to having top billing on my phone, 

2. You've invited friends over to celebrate your dog's birthday

I've calmed down on this a little bit. I usually cook Edie ground beef and carrots for her birthday and put a candle in it for a photo-op. But for her first birthday I invited a few friends out for dinner (outside) so Edie could come along, and she wore a pink dress. Her birthday is now a private affair, consisting of me walking her, buying her a new toy, and cooking her dinner. I have definitely been the person who's said, "sorry I can't go out that day, it's my dog's birthday." 

3. You've called out of work to take care of your dog

Dogs are children, and people need to take off work to take care of their children. Edie had a terrible UTI one time, and I was not getting help from the vet I took her to (not my regular vet). I arrived at work, attempted to work, and wound up crying to my boss at 11 AM and told her I had to take my dog to the vet (she understood and Edie was fine by evening). If you're an obsessed dog owner, you are not able to work while you know something is wrong with your dog.

4. You've cancelled plans just to hang out with your dog

I honestly do this pretty much every week. I truly enjoy hanging out with Edie, whether that means chilling at home with her and a glass of wine, or taking her for a long walk to Central Park. One of the best things about dogs is that you are not alone, but you also don't have to talk to anyone.

5. You spend more money on your dog's supplements than on your own. 

Edie frequently gets UTIs. Whenever this occurs, I scour Amazon looking for a miracle supplement to prevent them in the future. She currently has Glandex, Uromax, Cranberry Pills, CBD Oil, and a probiotic in rotation. Each item was carefully researched to make sure it was high quality and was free of harmful additives. This is a high contrast from me purchasing my own supplements and buying store brand multivitamins from CVS - with a coupon.

6. You've taken your dog on vacation

Unfortunately a vacation is not always dog friendly, but if there's anyway to bring Edie along for the ride, it is definitely happening. Edie went on a trip to Florida once and LOVED the Florida sunshine. She ran on the beach for the first time, had dinner on the ocean, sat on my lap as we enjoyed margaritas, and even went to downtown Disney (dogs are sadly not allowed, but no one was aware that she was in my purse, aside of course from a small child who asked to pet her). She really was no problem at all. As long as most of your vacation is outside, it really is fairly easy to bring your dog along. 


7. Your dog's diet is healthier than your own

I am a little (A LOT) crazy about Edie's food. It has to be high quality, made in the USA, consist of human grade meat, and be grain free. She's been on numerous types of food, all of which are carefully researched and rated highly from Dog Food Advisor. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone do some research on what their dog is eating. Just because a food has pictures of vegetables on it, does not mean it is good for your dog. Any old food from the drug store or big name pet stores are typically NOT good. Frozen dinner from Rite Aid for me? Sure! Hill's Science Diet Kibble for Edie? NO WAY. 

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What crazy things have you done for YOUR dog?! Where is the craziest place you have snuck them?!


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